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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tips for going to a conference

Whether you are going to the Tutor Mentor conference in Chicago, or really any other gathering of professionals or other like-minded people, the following are some good tips to remember:

  • Pens & scratch paper - in case you have to write a note. Yes, you COULD put it on your smartphone. But will you be smart enough to remember to review it? One other alternative is to have your sound recorder or video camera readily available.  That might be another viable way for you to take verbal notes. But remember to review these notes either that night or a scheduled time the next day. 
  • Business Cards --- see our Bootleg Business Card blog entry for details. Your card doesn't have to be fancy (or even a card), just legible.
  • List of seminars - you can always change it on the spot, or just take the workshop time to have meaningful conversations 
  • Set up meet-ups BEFORE going --If you know someone who is going to your conference, set up a time to meet them ahead of time...whether at mealtime, or sitting next to each other a workshop, take advantage of this fellowship time. The Tutor Mentor conference, for example, publishes the attendee list ahead of time.
  • Times where you are willing to SKIP.  The seminar, workshop or general speaker might be good, but there are times when one-on-one times are far more productive and memorable, or a personal prayer session. A seasoned professional will understand this, and be OK with it. See our other blog entry for details. However, take a serious consideration before you "blow off" a session.
  • Money - Many conferences have opportunities to buy great material. Make sure you have enough cash, in case a credit card machine is not available
  • Pack 2 days before the conference -- reduce stress on yourself by making sure you have everything you need ahead of time
  • Schedule contact time AFTER the conference -- OK, so you've made several new friends. Now make sure you take a morning or afternoon and send everyone a short note/e-mail or phone call. Plant the seeds & water these new relationships

We have some more tips (which aren't relevant here, but at the Reload Conference, among others. Look for those in an upcoming blog)

Have a great time, and we hope to see you there. if you haven't registered, or need info, go to November 2014 Tutor Mentor conference registration page for more details

At the conference, feel free to text us at 872-222-8008 to meet up, or e-mail us at  . See you at the Tutor Mentor Conference!

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