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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Do-Gooder Consulting!


Do-Gooder Consulting is a new consulting agency, specializing in helping you help others. Whether you are working in a church, non-profit, organization, business or even on the political trail, Do-Gooder Consulting can help.

This blog will give you a tatse of the expertise we offer you.

Do-Gooder Consulting Service Categories

  • Non-Profit and Church Management = Tools and advice to help you fundraise and manage your organization
  • College Financial Aid, Access and Outreach = Helping you set-up a college preparation and financial aid program with little-to-no cost to you
  • Administrative Temporary Work = Providing professional temporary work to meet your administrative needs at a competitive price.
  • Community Development and Outreach = Helping your nonprofit or business connect with your community.
  • Basic Web Site & E-mail = We can provide you with a domain name, e-mail addresses and a basic web site.
  • Political Strategies = Providing you with some initial research and simple but effective tools to help you

Thanks for reading! Look for more soon!