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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Struggling non-profits should consider a merger

The Center for Youth Ministry Studies does a lot of work to help educate and empower those in the non-profit world. Associate Director Alison Burkhardt posted an article on Facebook, and is a thought provoking and challenging article.

If you're a struggling non-profit you may want to take some time and read  The Stanford Social Innovation Review missed merger opportunity, and consider how that impacts your world.

This can be especially hard for churches, as they may have significant assets , such as a building, that could help.

We have observed, certainly in Chicago, a multitude of organizations. However,  they are often so stretched thin, that if they merged, they might be able to more effectively help people. In addition, funds could be more focused.

A merger can help allow those with a passion to do good, to continue to do it. But sharing resources can cut down on administrative costs (as one example), and allow the hiring of an administrative expert, with the gifts and passion to help in this overlooked area.

Contact Do-Gooder Consulting, and we can advise you about the possibilities of merging or partnering with other organizations. Feel free to e-mail us or call us at 872-222-8008 and we can discuss this article and how it relates to your organization.

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