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Monday, September 15, 2014

JP Paulus presenting at the 42nd Tutor Mentor conference

Dan Bassill of  Tutor Mentor Connections attended the 2013 Illinois College Access Network Conference workshop, "Reaching Out to Religious Groups",and liked it so much that he invited JP Paulus (of Do-Gooder Consulting) and Jeremy Barahona to present again at the Tutor Mentor 40th conference.We had a great time, as did the audience. Dan has invited JP to present again, and we are extremely grateful for this opportunity..

We'll explain the 4 Steps in detail, with a timeline, at our workshop.
The topic for JP's workshop at the 42nd conference will be "Steps 2 College". The description for the workshop:
The path to college is confusing, with messages from multiple sources, many unreliable or exploitive. This seminar will clarify the path to college, and provide a clear outline so that youth workers can focus on their specialties & calling, while still accurately helping youth through the college-going process.
While we won't answer every question of going to college, we hope to give you a more streamlined path, and avoid some of the mistakes that have resulted in heavy debt, and other problems.

We encourage our colleagues to apply to be a workshop presenter.  It's a great opportunity to share your knowledge as well as help others see you as an expert in your field. The facilities are excellent, and a great venue to present. Presenters volunteer their services on behalf of the greater tutoring and mentoring community.

The Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference  takes place on Friday,  November 7, 2014  and will be held at the Metcalfe Federal Building at 77 W. Jackson Blvd in Chicago, IL. 

Whether a professional in the field, or a volunteer, this is a great conference to learn more about the field as well as begin relationships that help you in your journey.  

There are several other notable workshop presenters at the conference.. Whether or not you decide to join JP for his session, you will have a great time with the many other presenters, and network with several people in your field.

Fees for Conference: $80 for the full day but a group of 3 or more only costs $50 per person

You may also request a Scholarship to pay only a - $30 fee.

To register as a participant, please click this link to register.

Contact Tutor/Mentor Institute at to discuss different group rates, or 50% discount half day fee.

For more information and to sign up, go to

If you are interested in presenting a workshop, we again encourage you to go online and submit a proposal -> apply to be a workshop presenter

We will update this entry with exact time and room location of our workshop.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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