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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebrate Dreamhost's sweet 16 with us!

We use Dreamhost to host webpages (such as our website at They have a special offer for new hosting, for just $1.60 a month for a full year!

WARNING: This is only for new customers, and really for those who know their way around a website.

We love using Dreamhost because it's simple (well, for advanced users) to use, and are down-to-earth people, as opposed to some big corporations.

If you're unable to establish a website on your own (such as due to time, lack of ability, etc.), Do-Gooder Consulting can help you. Just contact us at 872-222-8008 or for details.

P.S. Dreamhost is celebrating 16 years of existence, so they will have more ways to celebrate their Sweet 16Happy Birthday, Dreamhost!

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