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Monday, July 29, 2013

Have your supporters take advantage of office supply store sales

Back to school sales can help you stock up to help kids!

We just saw these sale today...and this would be great to pass on not just to your members, but also others who support your ministry -- they can use their opportunities to stock up and donate to you at a later date. Imagine a whole church, going out & buying these supplies for an organization serving underprivileged youth. Even children can have a hand helping other children.

Staples has a sale which includes the following 1 PENNY purchases, after you buy $5 in additional supplies:

  • 10 folders
  • 2 bottles of glue
  • 4 pencil cases

This purchase can be accomplished by buying 1 or 2 reams of multipurpose paper at $6.99 each, which comes with an opportunity to get a rebate of $5.99.  (Your upfront costs could be as much as $15, but you get a refund of almost $12)

Office Depot also has a sale this week, which include
$0.25 protractor (limit 3)
$0.25 ruler (limit 3)
$0.25 composition book (limit 3)

OfficeMax offers a sale similar to Staples, which includes notebooks for 1 PENNY (limit 5), after you buy $5 in additional supplies. You can also get up to 3 packs of 10 pens (PaperMate), 2 Glue sticks for $0.25 (limit 3) , and 4 mechanical pencils at $0.50 a pack (limit 3).  They also have a rebate sale on paper, where you can get $6.98 back

Disclaimer: NONE of these stores is giving me a kickback!

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