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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Time is Running Out to Save Money on Energy Costs!
Global Generation Group
The following might seem strange in this time of social distancing due to Covid-19. But I would argue now is the BEST time, as this will provide some great opportunities for you, and begin a new start when everyone returns.  And despite the many shutdowns, the program has been running throughout, and is slated to run out of funding very soon.       

Do-Gooder Consulting is excited to once again partner with Global Generation Group , a service provider / trade ally of Commonwealth Edison.  We are charged with implementing Com-Ed’s 2020 Small Business energy efficiency program (their definition of small business includes churches and nonprofits; this program is a different department than their residential energy efficiency program, which has been advertised in the media). Global Generation specializes in helping organizations finding no cost improvements to upgrade their facilities with energy efficient equipment.    

The Com-Ed Energy Efficiency Program for Small Businesses is paid for by an energy charge on EVERYONE’s bill).  See the graphic to check your own bill to see these state-mandated charges. 

This special program (paid for by an energy charge on EVERYONE’s bill) gives no-cost upgrades that include:
1. LED replacements of fluorescent lights (for certain types, determined by Com-Ed after free energy assessment)

2. HVAC upgrade (installing an economizer & sensors to help HVAC units pull in less air – and use less energy—when fewer or no people are in an area. This is called Demand Control Ventilation - DCV) 

3. Occupancy sensors that turn off/on lights automatically (such as for a bathroom).

4. Weather stripping for outer doors.

 The qualifications are simple – you pay an electric bill every month, which is classified at “Retail/Commercial = 0 to 100KW), and you are a small business, church or nonprofit. You can easily see if you qualify by checking your bill.

 We at Do-Gooder Consulting would like to do a walk-through of your facility (which proper precautions -- we do NOT need to touch anything) with you  sometime in the next two weeks and help you get these no cost upgrades. 

We will be happy to provide references so you can see how this has worked for others. When contacting them, please mention that JP Paulus who worked with the Com-Ed Small Business Energy Effficiency program referred you.  

Some of these organizations include:

·         Bowen’s Pizza (Bronzeville  neighborhood of Chicago)

·         Quad Communities Development Corporation (Bronzeville  neighborhood of Chicago)

·         Ephphtha Church of the Deaf (Chatham neighborhood of Chicago)

·         Chatham Fields Lutheran Church (Chatham neighborhood of Chicago)

·         Carey Tercentenary AME Church (North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago)

·         La Villita Community Church (North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago)

·         Neighborhood United Methodist Church (Maywood, IL)

Even though Covid had slowed things down, the money for this program *IS* running out, so please don’t delay.

We look forward to hearing from you soon by e-mail at or by phone or text at 872-222-8008

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