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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Guest Post = 5 Tips on Video Interview Etiquette

We at Do-Gooder Consulting want to welcome back Krystal Lamb, who gave us our most-read blog post on Facebook. (The article is "8 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out") She's back with some more great advice! Krystal Lamb is a human resources professional, LinkedIn certified, and Founder/CEO of Career Tips with Krys. We would love to hear how these tips have helped your video interview!

5 Tips on Video Interview Etiquette

Video interviewing is slowly but surely becoming the next wave. With technology changing, attending an interview in an office will soon become obsolete. A quick Google search will tell us that about 71 percent of companies use real-time video interviewing and 50 percent use video interviews as a way to narrow the candidate pool. With such high statistics, you are sure to conduct a video interview in your near future. There are a couple of different methods of video interviews today but what remains the same is how you present yourself in this environment. I have 5 great tips on how to properly conduct an interview.

1. The Software
Before your interview date, the Recruiter or Hiring Manager will send you the video link to download. Please make sure you try it at least a day before your interview. Some platforms may require an additional program to install or may not be compatible with a specific browser on your computer or smartphone. Whatever the case may be, please take the time to play with the software
on your device BEFORE your interview. This gives you the ability to log on promptly and with ease
ten minutes before your designated interview time. If you have any issues with the link, do not
hesitate to reach out to the Recruiter or Hiring Manager for additional assistance. On top of being
more than willing to help, they will acknowledge the fact that you are taking the initiative and
showing interest in the process.

2. The Location/Background
I cannot stress the importance of conducting your video interview in a QUIET and CLEAN
environment. An interviewer will make note of the background noise and the environment. Move
into a quiet space away from your pets and others in the home. Make sure you are in a well-lit room
and use headphones if you must. You want your interviewer to be focused on you and not what is
behind you.

3. Your Appearance
Dress professionally and not only from the waist up. You never know if you will need to step away
from the screen so it’s best to be prepared. Keep in mind that on screen visibility is very different
from being face to face. Stay away from shiny jewelry and patterned clothing. Bold colors such as
bright red or orange are not best for the screen either. Stick to darker colors or blazers. Keep your
hair away from your face as well so that you are completely visible to the interviewer.

4. The Body Language
Just as if you were in an office interview, you want to have engaging body language. Keep eye
contact and make sure to look into the camera when speaking. Candidates tend to forget that
looking at the screen while speaking is not the same as looking into the camera. Lean forward a bit
so that the interviewer knows you are interested and focused. Speak at a reasonable rate and not
too fast so the interviewer can understand your words. Refrain from any nervous habits or
movements. Don’t forget to smile and remain calm.

5. The Follow-Up
A video interview has its differences from a face-to- face interview but one thing remains the same:
FOLLOW-UP. Always remember to send a thank you email. It’s the easiest way to be remembered
and to show your full interest in the role. This act speaks volumes to a company and is something
that a lot of managers want to see.

Krystal Lamb is a Sales Recruiter/Human Resources Representative at a Telecommunications company in Chicago, IL. She is also the Founder/CEO of Career Tips with Krys, where she provides resume editing, resume writing, career counseling and interview etiquette services. Contact her through email at , on Instagram @careertipswithkrys or Like her

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