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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We're partnering to save you money!

JP Paulus is partnering with Global Generation Group to help save money for churches, small businesses and others.

Global Generation Group is a Trade Ally of Com-Ed and is helping them with the Small Business Energy Saving program, which helps small businesses and even churches get free light bulbs and other reduced-cost energy saving fixtures. (You can see Global Generation's entry as an official trade ally by clicking here, and typing "Global" in the search engine, or through their Trade Ally directory map)

If you would like to schedule a church, or small business, please call me at 872-222-8008 to set up an appointment or more information. See below for my introductory letter.


from Do-Gooder President, JP Paulus:

My name is JP Paulus, and I am president of DO-Gooder Consulting, which aims to serve churches, nonprofits and small businesses to "help you help others." I am now partnering with Global Generation Group, which is a trade ally with Com-Ed (the electric company). There are one of several organizations which are administering the Small Business Energy Saving program, which help small businesses, as well as churches and nonprofits, by replacing their current light bulbs and some fixtures with more energy efficient options.

Most of the work is free. There may  optional (and I like to stress  that_”optional”  portion) repairs we might be authorized to do at a subsidized cost.  We are required to put it in the assessment, but you are absolutely free to refuse any work.

This program is mostly free (and otherwise subsidized) because you have already paid for this program. Look for the line “Energy Efficiency Programs  “ on your electric bill, under “taxes & Fees”.

Here’s the process of how this program works:.
  1. I (and perhaps with a colleague) will visit your building.
  2. We will need a copy of your Com-Ed bill (just one from the past couple of months)
  3. We will go over  the bill to make sure that you qualify (such as being classified as a NON-residential property, using 0-100KW range)
  4. (We will also need a photocopy of that bill to submit with paperwork, see below)
  5. We then have a form that needs to be filled out.
  6.  We will then walk through your facility and make an assessment, noting any bulbs and fixtures we can upgrade.
  7. Our office will then process the assessment and produce a report  (usually within 1 week).
  8. I will bring that to you, and you can sign off on any upgrades you want (or reject what you do not want, such as anything where you have to pay money, or ones you haven’t planned/budgeted for ).
  9.  Once we submit the final paperwork,  you will be approved by Com-Ed to receive our services and they will have money set aside to make those changes.
  10. Once the funds come in (usually a 2-3 week wait), we will begin work, which takes a short time depending on size , complexity, and schedule . It is usually between 1 day and two weeks at the latest.

If you have anyone you could refer me to, I would greatly appreciate it. The word is that the program can run out of funds as early as October, so time is of the essence.

Thanks for your help, and I hope to help your organization VERY soon!

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