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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July will be a very busy month for JP Paulus and Do-Gooder Consulting, with several major events. Here's where you can find us in the next few weeks and beyond. Call or text us at 872-222-8008 or e-mail us at if you have questions or would like to meet! (Also, see the bottom of this post regarding an opportunity to help your students with financial aid!

College Changes Everything


JP Paulus is part of a panel at the 5th annual College Changes Everything conference. The topic is “It takes a send a child to college “. The cost is $40, but includes 3 workshop sessions, 2 general sessions as well as breakfast and lunch. People from all over the state in a variety of capacities will participate. This is an excellent opportunity to network, in addition to learn about how to help students go to college. To register, go to the College Changes Everything website. The Illinois College Access Network is a co-sponsor of this event.


Urban Youth Network

Chicago’s Urban Youth Network is still meeting during the summer. This is an excellent support group for those who work with youth. Not just for full time youth pastors, but bi-vocational pastors as well as their volunteer youth workers. The next meeting is Saturday, July 11 starting at 8am (earlier than usual, and not on a Thursday). We meet again at Park Community Church, at 1001 N.Crosby, Chicago IL. The Urban Youth Network has met since 2000, and is not built on projects or events, but relationships. The goal is to uplift and empower youth workers, so they can stay the course rather than feel isolated and give up. 
You can also call/text 872-222-8008 or e-mail for an update, or questions.  

Free breakfast (includes doughnuts, fruit, juice and coffee) is provided.

For more info, contact Nick River.  a at or see the Urban Youth Network Facebook page

Business First Friday

We used to meet at Flecks Coffee for their First Friday networking event. Unfortunately, they have closed, so we have more to Chef Sara's Cafe in South Shore, located at 7261 S. Exchange.

We have begun some great partnerships through these meetings. Many members of the Chatham Business Association (see below) plan on joining us. This event is hosted by Bruce Montgomery of technology TV, among many other things..

We hope to make it to Business First Friday in August. (We recommend you going to the July meeting if you are able – we just aren’t able to make this month).


Legacy Conference

One other event we recommend (but are not able to make ourselves) is the Legacy Conference. This conference is aimed at youth and young adults, and blends strong Bible teaching with Hip Hop culture.  For more information, go to their website at

Illinois College Access Network

The next Illinois College Access Network Meeting of 2015 be will meet  in November, 2015. Check the webpage for updates. 

(You can also call/text 872-222-8008 or e-mail for an update.) Updates for the event are at this link and  the website at   

Tutor Mentor Conference

We appreciate Daniel Bassill of the Tutor Mentor Institute inviting us to the May 2015 Tutor-Mentor Conference to present on on "twists on Traditional Fundraising".  We look forward to the 44th conference in November.  Look for updates here on their website. Registration is NOW open.

Chatham Business Association 

We'll see you at the next Chatham Business Association meeting  at 8am on Tuesday, July 14 at the QBG Foundation Building, Meeting Room, 806 E. 78th St. Chicago, IL 60619 .The Monthly Membership Meeting held by Chatham Business Association, Small Business Development Inc. is held to inform current members and prospective members about issues and activities going on in Chatham and the City of Chicago.  You do not need to be a member to attend, but you should register.  Breakfast is provided for a small fee. See their webpage for details on this event.  

FAFSA Completion sessions

We're also scheduling FAFSA completion sessions for the first week of January, where we help families correctly fill out the FAFSA. The first that we have planned is one at Oakdale Covenant Church, 9440 S. Vincennes after the 10:30am service on Sunday, January 3, 2016. We will utilize Oakdale Christian Academy's computer lab to allow up to 20 families to fill out their FAFSA at a time. Check our blog for details and updates.

 Conference in November 2015. 

We will post details as they arrive.

We hope to see you at these and other events.  Don't forget to bring business cards, even if it is a "bootleg" business card (see our blog on it).  If you plan on coming to these events, please call/test us at 872-222-8008 or by e-mail at

We hope to see you soon!

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