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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Checklist for the 2015 Chicago Reload Conference

Whether you are going to the Reload conference in Chicago, or really any other gathering of professionals or other like-minded people, the following are some good tips to remember:

Reload is almost upon us here in Chicago.(Saturday, March 28, 2015 to be exact).  Reload is a national gathering of urban youth ministry workers. They might be full time youth pastors, but they can also be simply volunteers who participate when they can. The Urban Youth Workers Institute established these regional trainings to help youth workers who were unable to travel to far-away conferences and couldn't afford time off & hotel stays.

In Chicago, North Park University's Center for Youth Ministry studies leads the coordiantion for the event, and hosts the conference.

Here are some things to have ready:

  • Money (there may be a few cash only items, but most vendors take credit cards)
  • Pens & scratch paper - in case you have to write a note. Yes, you COULD put it on your smartphone. But will you be smart enough to remember to review it? One other alternative is to have your sound recorder or video camera readily available.  That might be another viable way for you to take verbal notes. But remember to review these notes either that night or a scheduled time the next day. 
  • Business Cards --- see our Bootleg Business Card blog entry for details
  • List of seminars - you can always change it on the spot,

Have a great time, and we hope to see you there. if you haven't registered, or need info, go to Reload Chicago's homepage for more details

At the conference, feel free to text us at 872-222-8008 to meet up. See you at Reload Chicago!

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