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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Do-Gooder Consulting and JP Paulus on the Internet

Did you know that Do-Gooder Consulting, and its president, JP Paulus, have been featured in several media outlets on the Internet?

Photo courtesy of Zack's TV

One of our most prominent pieces is by Chicago media producer Zack Isaacs via Zack's TV. We encourage you to read this excellent piece by him (and if we may, gush on the beautiful photo of his daughters). He also gave me a shout out on his ChicagoNow blog.

Daniel Bassill of the Tutor Mentor Institute has featured our work on their homepage as well as the Tutor Mentor blog.
We appreciate these opportunities would love to partner with you, if it is a relevant and mutually beneficial exchange!
You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook with the name @dogooderchicago, as well as our Facebook company page.
You can always follow this blog at  or for more general informaton, at as well.  Feel free to call us at 872-222-8008

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