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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic wrote the Do-Gooder Consulting theme song?

OK, the headline might be a BIT misleading...but we're big fans of Weird Al Yankovic, and have been for years. We've also noticed that a few of his songs have some pretty profound statements on society.

In this case, Weird Al's video is satirizing all the corporate buzzwords that consultants especially like to use. The focus is on money-making for-profit corporations.

However, Do-Gooder Consulting CAN actually help your organization with a lot of these areas. Let's break down some of the lyrics:

We must all efficiently operationalize our strategies,
Invest in world-class technology
And leverage our core competencies
In order to holistically administrate exceptional synergy.

As we translate that jargon, what that means to us at Do-Gooder is helping you understand what you are good at, and using that to help your organization be the best at what you are doing. 
We'll set a brand trajectory using management's philosophy
Advance our market share vis-à-vis our proven methodology
With strong commitment to quality
Effectively enhancing corporate synergy

"Corporate synergy" sounds fancy, but it's all about an organization and its members and associates working together , so that each person is helping make the others more excited about their own responsibilities. As that happens, we can help you achieve your goals, and share that information with potential volunteers and donors, which helps create more "synergy".

Transitioning our company by awareness of functionality
Promoting viability providing our supply chain with diversity
We will distill our identity through client-centric solutions
And synergy
At the end of the day
We must monetize our assets
The fundamentals of change
Can you visualize a value-added experience?
That will grow the business infrastructure and

Monetize our assets
Monetize our assets
Monetize our assets

How does a nonprofit "monetize your assets"? It's by documenting how we can either save money for the organization, or how can bring resources. One of the most obvious ways we do so is helping your

Bringing to the table our capitalized reputation
Proactively overseeing day-to-day operations
Services and deliverables with cross-platform innovation
Networking, soon will bring, seamless integration

One of our specialties is personal & organizational networking. That "seemless integration" , when you are connected with the right people, can help you do what you are meant to do in a more efficient way.

Robust and scalable, bleeding-edge and next-generation
Best of breed, we'll succeed, in achieving globalization
And gaining traction with our resources in the marketplace
It's mission-critical to stay incentivized
Our business plan will foster flexible solutions for our customer base

We want to help you and your people to stay excited about what you do.

If you can't think outside the box you'll be downsized

Sorry, but that one is on you. Our own mission statement at Do-Gooder Consulting is "helping you help others."

It's a paradigm shift! (Hey, Hey! Look out!)
Well, it's a paradigm shift, now!
(Here we go! Here we go! Here we come! Here we come! Ha!)

If you want the lyrics to the entire song, you can read more: Weird Al Yankovic - Mission Statement Lyrics | MetroLyrics. You can also download this song or the entire album on, iTunes or other retailers.

If you'd like to hear more specifically how Do-Gooder Consulting can help you "Monetize our assets", "seemless integration"  , or help you write a #WeirdAl -type of song, contact us at this special e-mail, or call.text us at 872-222-8008.  We hope to help you live out your mission statement in the near future.

Find out more about how more specifically we can help you by going to

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